Full paper submissions

 To be considered for review, a full paper should follow the instructions below:

  • The font and size is 12-point Times New Roman and in Word format.
  • Single-spacing throughout the document is required.
  • Double space (instead of indent) to designate a new paragraph or section is required.
  • A page number at the bottom centre of each page is required.
  • Top, bottom, and side margins are one inch or 2.54 cm. No right margin justification is needed.
  • Title, names(s) of the author(s), his/her/their affiliation(s), and his/her/their contact information must be provided at the top center of the first page.
  • Manuscript is between 3,000-4,000 words in length (excluding tables, figures and references).
  • References must adhere to the OSCOLA referencing format. (Details are provided at https://www.law.ox.ac.uk/sites/files/oxlaw/oscola_4th_edn_hart_2012.pdf )
  • English grammar must be correct and proper.


All selected submissions will be subject to a blind review by at least two independent reviewers. Only the papers presented at the conference are allowed to be submitted for inclusion in the e-Proceedings of the conference. (Please note that your submitted full paper will not be automatically accepted for the e-Proceedings of the conference.)


Deadline for full paper submission:   31 October 2018